Monday, February 20, 2012

My cats are gonna be on tv (and me too)

 I was happy to be asked to be a part of a new tv series about blogs and bloggers. It's called Blogistania and it will bw out next month!

The camera crew came to my home and to my atelier. It was a bit stressful, since my home is a very private place to me... My cats Bix and Cecil are in almost every frame, i'm sure. My little tv-stars! They were very exited.

 On the street where i live. I'm wearing self made capelet and hat.


At my atelier with friends, Miia Magia and Bettie Blackheart 

This marvelous 30's dress is one of the dresses i found while dumpster diving a while ago. I told you about it in this post, remember? I'll post pictures of other dresses i found later, when i'm wearing them. Ofcourse not all of them were my size, some of them i gave away or sold.

Tauno Palo (swoon!)

One of the most handsome movie stars of all time! 

Sirkka Sari and Tauno Palo in "Niskavuoren naiset", 1938 

 "Kaikki Rakastavat", 1935

 Tauno and Ansa in SF-paraati

 Tauno and Ansa in SF-Paraati, 1940

Ansa Ikonen and Tauno Palo in "Vaimoke",1936

So much snow...

There is SO MUCH snow out there right now so i thought it would be time to post few photos from last summer. We took a trip to Nummi. That's where my family comes from (i was born here in Helsinki and so was my mom, but my grandmother [i miss her so] was born there).

This is a wonderful place called Kasvihuoneilmiö (greenhouse effect). It's a second hand store and a cafe. And it's filled with plants and stuff!

Sakari and lunch

Parrots and mailboxes

I LOVE books!

Crazy hat

One of my sailor outfits

We visited my grandmothers grave. The small semetary is a very peaceful and beautiful place.
I brought her some flowers from a nearby meadow.

On our way home we came across a funfair.
p.s. I also found the photos from my trip to New York last year. I gotta go back there soon, i miss that place and those people so much!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday mornign maddnes, Japanese jugglers and the Nicholas Brothers

You like my mustache?

What a perfect housewarming party! They had faux mustache (and Optimus Prime masks!) for all the guests and a creepy Mexican chocolate cupid filled with tequila.  
(Estancia de la Ding Dong, i wish you could have been there too!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Map of Woman's Heart from 1800s. Funny...

Click to enlarge

A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart, created by D. W. Kellogg circa 1833–1842. Pic fround here.

Inspiration, Good Kate/Bad Kate

Photographs by Steven Klein
Styled by Edward Enninful
Wmagazine, March 2012

Iron Sky once more

So, have you seen this trailer? What do you think? I was one of the lucky ones to be a part of this movie. I made the costumes for the teaser and was working in the costume/costume props department.

For a low budget movie (about 7.5 million€ [comparing to the Amazing Spider Man that had something over 200 million dollars]) it looks pretty darn good. And no, Hollywood had nothing to do with this. It's a Finnish-German-Australian co-production.
Iron Sky in Facebook

Valentine's Day...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fiona Timantti, Mouse Fatale, bondage version

 Bondage version on the Fiona Timantti Mouse Fatale Hat. This one travelled all the way to New York.

Photos: Tinttu Henttonen