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Irving Berlin's On the Avenue (1937)-hat inspiration

On the Avenue, pretty funny film, good music... and great hats!

That's huge!

I love that bow! I'm so gonna do something similar, but smaller....

Aunt Fritz, lovely ol' gal!

That's a pretty wild shape...
Nice veil.

I love those feathers.
^Very nice perfume bottles!

Ok, there were some pretty nice costumes too, like these:

I love those glasses! And that outfit is absolutely fantastic! I want one like that!

Slumming on Park Avenue.

And here's one of my favourite scenes:

Elle Style Awards

I'm wearing a hat from my collection and early 50's vintage dress. Kirsi's hat and dress are her own designs.

Me and Sara from TV OFF. She is super sweet!

Rakel, me and Riikka
And the party went on and on....

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Quizás, Quizás, Quizás

Esencia de una Seducción
Uploaded by erecuenco. - Discover more animation and arts videos.


I was trying to save this pic for the weekend, but i just couldn't! I'm so excited about halloween! I'm gonna attend two wonderful parties here in Helsinki and i've been making new costumes...!

Here's my little Keepers of the Underworld looking all silly. Oh, how i love my boys!

Cecil (aka Silverback Cecil)

Bix (aka Leonardo Da Bixi)

Old, empty, gloomy, abandoned places.

Actually this place was not abandoned. But it was old, empty and gloomy. It's an attic of a building built in the 30's, in Vaasa.

If i had the skills (and the tools.. ) i would make this pic look like an old paperback cover! "The Mystery of the old attic" or something.

These are just the kind of pictures that people see ghosts in...

Turn off the light and close the door.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vaasa adventure

Wouldn't want to live there, but very much like to visit.

My new favourite red wine, partly because of the label...

Good food in great company, sweet!

Homemade ice cream! I need that recipe...

That lovely plate was a find from Vaasa Antique fair, here's few pics:


Lovely owls!

Cool old toys.


I need one of those!

Beautiful old things!

My discreet outfit for a 60th birthday party (Not my party, silly! I'm still just 27).

Here's few cool finds from fleamarkets:
I'm mad about those cool covers! Anyone else share this enthusiasm?



A pair of very old skates!

I bought some very cool old photos from the antique fair. I will post them here as soon as i have time to scan them. I should do that to some other old photos too, share the inspiration.