Monday, March 24, 2014

In the studio with photographer Jirina Alanko

In the studio with Photographer Jirina Alanko
Daydreaming while Jirina was adjusting the lights. This is not a finished photo, but it turned out quite nice :) Corset By Belle Modeste.

On tv talking about my vintage collection

I was interviewed for the tv show Aartenetsijät (YLE) (treasure hunters) about my vintage collection. 
The program is in Finnish and can only be watched in Finland, sorry :/

Friday, March 14, 2014

Exotic showgirl headpiece for burlesque starlet Cherry Dee

My latest big burlesque piece for the super sweet Cherry Dee (a.k.a. The freelancer with the fashionblog ;)! (Oh, don't mind the mess, my table always looks like that when im working on a huge piece...) There's lots of details, as usual. Mere volume does not do it for me, just huge amount of feathers or flowers makes it look big, but you need details to make it look interesting.

Tassels. Covered with Swarovski diamonds adn beads.

In the making. Base of the headpiece is buckram and millinery wire. Covered with sequin fabric, ribbon appliques and glass beads and Swarovski chrystals.

The huge banana leafs are detachable and can be used as fans.
Photo: John-Paul Bichard

Photo: Tuomas Lairila

Monday, March 3, 2014

DJ's of the #helbf14

 Two nights of dj'ing, two guest dj's, too looks.
The first night i had the pleasure to play with Dr.Hirschfeld from Berlin! This is the firts but hopefully not the last time we were dj'ing together. What a sharp dressed, lively guy! And since he is the doctor, i was dressed as a nurse. Wearing vintage ofcourse. The lovely vintage nurse hat is from Pepper Sparkles.

The second night i was companied by my frequent partner in rhythm, Atom Of Finland! We play so well together! I was wearing a headpiece by Fiona Timantti Millinery and a dress made for me at my old school, the school of theatre costumes in Espoo.