Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Fiona Timantti Hats

Photos Riku R., Make-up Miia Magia, models Maija & Baby J, hats&hair Fiona Timantti.

Monday, December 28, 2009

As soon as i have time, i wanna continue dancing! Lindy Hop and Tango would be my choices. If only i had a dancing partner...

My little rascals

Tino Rossi-Un Violon Dans la Nuit

HulaPirates Holiday Party

We had a pre-christmas party at Wäiski with my burlesque family few weeks ago. I was DJ'ing with my mentor Miroslove Satan.

Here's on of my threasures, vintage 30's silk dress. It's in very good condition, and fits me perfectly. Flea market find.

Don't you just love those details?

I even 30's style shoes with about 2inch heel, though i normally prefer higher heels. These shoes are repro, from flea market.

Here's me with two sweethearts, Lola Vanilla and Jack Frost.
It was a night of good friends, music, cocktails and interesting new acquaintances...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ofelia Market

Day 1
I know, i know.. These events are ancient history, but i didn't have time to post these photos earlier..

I was wearing one of my favourite dresses. Notice that adorable little owl, made by my friend Sally Vanilla. Jacket, stockings, bag: vintage. Shoes, dress, cardigan: second hand. Bow by me.

Day one was busy, which was nice.

My friend Oona Kapari minutes before her show. (Hat, hair and bow made by me.)

I had a quick brunch with Liisa Jokinen that day. She was writing an article about styles and wanted to interview me. That story in not out till next year, but in the mean while you should check out another project by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen called Hel Looks. Well, most of you are probably familiar with that phenomenon...
We wen to a place called Kaartintupa. It's a very cozy place with amazing food, good music (like Frank Sinatra, Olavi Virta and Annikki Tähti), lovable staff and reasonable prices.

Back in Gloria.

Here's Tyra from Punavuoren Putiikki. I love Tyras earrings, i already have three pairs.

Here's the lovely owner of the "Hoochie Mama Jane", a lovely vintage boutique thats really worth visiting.

After a busy day, i treated myself with a lovely nepalese dinner. Nam!

Day 2

Lady in red. That small black 40's handbag i bought the day before. Only 5 e!
Dress and purse: vintage. Cardigan, shoes, belt, haircomb second hand.

This brooch is the cutest thing i bought from Ofelia Market! I love it! I wear it every day. It's made by Iida Hämäläinen. It says "Eternal love" and that skeleton on the right has a small blue bow tie. Cute!

Day two was busy too...

I had a small hat workshop on both days, here's my pupils on day two. I've never done anything like that, but it was fun. And some of the hats ( or more likely hair accessories) were really nice.

One of my pupils with nearly finished piece.
My youngest pupil! :D She really made that herself!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pelago, baby!

I've been looking for a beautiful bike for a long time (since my "Poni" got stolen few years ago..) and i think i might have found it!

About Pelago Bicycles
"The idea for Pelago has developed during the last 10 years. Riding long kilometers in the city and out on the road has brought us where we are. We have taken part in bike development at the university, learned our lessons at a local service shop, dug out parts from junk yards, and fixed bikes for our friends. Yet there is still a lot to explore, and that keeps us motivated. Our aim is to make bicycles that you can be as proud of as we are – bikes that still ride in 2050 – bikes that serve the purpose...
The bikes are made in Europe, lugged steel frames for men and women, from single speeds to 8-speeds. We offer reliable, affordable bikes for everyday use."

Sounds good, huh? And look good too! One "Brooklyn" for me please. Yes, salmon would be lovely!

Pelago Bicycles shop&service is located in Vallila district, uptown Helsinki, Eurantie 12.

House of Lolita

Thinking about redecorating your bedroom? Check this out!

"Impressive shapes, shiny surfaces and heavy romance.
Lidia Vicky Lolita is an intriguing person. Ever since she was little, she’s been living in a world of glamour. Only the best is good enough. Even in decoration."

Hats! Girls! Make-up!

Once again, we had a hat photo shoot with the dream team Riku-Miia-Fiona (you'll see the final photos soon..).
Miia Magia working.

When ever we have a photo shoot, there's lots of of food!

Me and Maija. She's one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen!

Miia and Johanna a.k.a Baby J.

Baby J, ready for action!

Baby J and our photographer Riku R.

Happy Birthday to...Me!

The color blue has imperceptibly sneaked into my closet.

I had a very, very happy birthday party in Club Anvil 26th november. It was the Depeche Mode night that takes place ones a year. And it was my birthday! :D

Me and my friend Mikko. (Yes, we had couple of drinks...)

Sara ( the sweetest girl in the world) and Me just goofin' around.

Me and my friend Tatu. I'm taller then he is, see?