Friday, July 25, 2014


Totally in love with these! Made by replaceface 

Blue Moment by Photographer Jirina Alanko

 I was modeling for one of my absolutely favourite photographer Jirina Alanko a while ago and here are the result! I love her vision and how she sees me through her camera.
I'm wearing 80's leather jacket and skirt, 50's scarf, new glitter high heels and a huge rhinestone necklace from Ansa vintage and second hand.

These photos are part of the series "Blue Moment", for full set go to

A Wonderful surprise: magazines from 1900 to 1920's

The postman had a wondrful surprise for me the other day. A parcel full of old finnish and swedish magazines! They were sent to me by Ulla from Karikoski. She saw my Blogistania episode ant thought that i might be interested in these. She was right! What a treasure! Lots of patterns and inspirational images.

This is probably my favuorite picture of them all, 
ladies suits and hats in a Finnish magazine from 1914. 
Thank you Ulla! Kiitos Ulla! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hair experiments (40's to 80's!)

 Classic lazy hair day solution, 50's scarf and a swirl.

I've been really into 80's fashion, music and hairstyles lately.. We had a roof top photo shot with one of my favourite photographers Jirina Alanko (oh, she has a new website, check it out: ) and i was wearing a fabulous 80's overall and Miia Magia Design mirror necklace.

One of my favourite styles, voluminous curls!

Scarfs are a very good idea when having a lazy hair day!

In the Bladerunner mood, inspired by Rachels and Carmens hairdos.