Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey Cats! It's halloween again! I love to dress up as a vampire or a zombie etc.
Here's few of my favourite halloween outfits:
Last year we had a party at Minnas shop. I was a female Joker. I've made the costume (pencil skirt and corset) myself. Ant the hair and make-up too.

This costume is also my creation, so is the hair and make-up. This picture was taken in DTM, halloween party 2006.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Albatross chicks by Chris Jordan

(Photo from Animal Photos)
This cute little thing is a baby albatross. Every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die because of the trash we humans throw away. Chris Jordan has been photographing dead albatross chicks on Midway atoll, in october 2009.
You might also wanna check out his other projects on his website.
Caution! These photos might make you cry.
Message from the Gyre.

Working hard

This is a photo taken by Petra Innanen. She's using me as a model for her painting and she stopped by at my atelier to take few photos.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ella Fitzgerald - Round midnight

What's coming

I really like vintage berets and you'll be seeing knitted Fiona Timantti berets pretty soon! These two are my favourites at the moment..

These inspiration pictures below will give you a hint of what i'm doing right now.

Oh, Greta is so gorgeous! <3

These three photos are from My Vintage Vogue.

Vaudeville opening party outfit

This is what i was wearing on friday night at the Vaudeville Boutique opening party. I love that pink blouse. And it was also the 'pukeudu pinkkiin'(wear it pink) day here in Finland so it was a perfect choice.

Photo from Tampere Street Style.

My new creations!

Remeber the hat photoshoot we had last week? Here's some of the pics! Model: Miia Magia, Photos: Riku R.

What Katie Did & Cervin

I'm crazy about seamed stockings, girdles and suspender belts!
These What Katie Did and Cervin stockings are available in Vaudeville Boutique. If you are looking for a durable vintage style stockings, What Katie Did is your choice. But if you are looking for that authentic 40's-50's vintage nylon feel, choose Cervin.
Here i'm wearing What Katie Did. Notice the beautiful decorative pattern. These stockings are very comfortable in everyday use!

These stockings look great, but i'm still missing the key hole... Both of these manufacturers luckily have a wide range of lovely stockings, also with the key holes! Happy Shopping! :D

Sirkus Finlandia party, burlesque numbers by Sally Vanilla and Bent van der Bleu

Sally Vanilla / King Kobra / Burlesque from Petra Innanen on Vimeo.

Bent Van Der Bleu / The Peacock / 25102009 from Petra Innanen on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Circus! <3

One of the best parties i've attended took place last sunday night in a circus tent! It was the Sirkus Finlandia season ending party. Bettie Blackheart, Sally Vanilla, Bent van der Bleu and Frank Doggenstein were performing. And the audience went wild! Masha did her debut as a pick-up girl! I can't wait to see her first burlesque number!

(Photo: Masha de Bordeaux)
Short introduction from Sirkus Finlandia web page:
"There have always been performing artists, but circus as we know it today is just over 200 years old. The first Finnish circus dates back 100 years. Traditional circus with a round stage has been accompanied by a newer more theater-like version. Circus Finlandia, however, represents the traditional form of circus.
The first show of Circus Finlandia was performed 21st April 1976 in Tammisaari, Finland. Now the circus has experience of over 30 years.
The status and influence of Circus Finlandia is unique in Finnish circus history. Circuses of this size have previously only been active for five years at most. Today Circus Finlandia is the only Finnish circus of international standards. It is also a member of ECA European Circus Association. About 200 000 Finns attend Circus Finlandia's show this year. "

(More about Sirkus Finlandia.)

(Photo:Masha de Bordeaux)
Here we are, the HulaPirates gang!
Bent, Masha, Fiona, Bettie, Frank and Sally. (Photo: Antti Suniala)

Here's the handsome photographer Antti. He's also the Fire Artist of Sirkus Finlandia. (Notice my modest governess look! :)

"No. Please...Don't make me leave! I wanna stay!"

Shoes of the day.

Purse of the day.

We are going to see the show tonight! I can't wait!


L-World is undoubtably one the most imaginative and fun when it comes to clubs! These 'Girls only' parties take place in DTM.
A short introduction from their Facebook group page: L-WORLD is "The Club Event" for women by Gay Night Club dtm and Kristiina Puukko five times a year. Dtm is the largest combination of Gay Café, Disco and Night Club in Scandinavia.

Every party has it's own theme (western, Cabaret, street styles..) and this time it was Burlesque. The Queen of Finnish Burlesque, Sugar Kane was performing with some other Finninsh burlesque starlets from Burlesque Polaire and The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret.

I had the great pleasure to be responsible of the music with Dj Miia Magia.
The night was a success!

Moments before opening.

I don't have any pictures of my outfit that night, but i'll add some pictures asap! This video inspired me alot that evening..!

Shoes of the day <3

As soon as i was able to scram, i rushed to Rautatientori to see the Thriller dance. It was a happening taking place all around the world at the same time, Thrill the World. There were 90 dancers!
4,179 people from 10 nations (Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Scotland, United States of America, and Wales) simultaneously performed The Thriller Dance as part of the Thrill The World event, organized by Ines Markeljevic of Canada. Wow!
TTW Finland.

Some gorgeous zombies! <3


I've had such a busy, amazing, fantastic weekend! There is so much stuff, i have to do this in sections..well, here goes!

On friday i had the honor to be the dj at the opening party of Vaudeville boutique! "Brings you the most delicious vintage inspired couture!" Fiona Timantti Hats are also available there ;D

These "happy-ostrich" feathers are grown and dyed in Finland. The Book is about a theatre/revue/cabaret called Punainen Mylly (the red mill) that dazzled Helsinki and Finland after the WWII. It's not translated in english yet, so it's only available in finnish.

These adorable Molla Mills goods are also available! I gotta have that "In Love" brooch!

The proud owners of the lovely Vaudeville Boutique: Burlesque performers Mimi de Froufrou, Lafayette Lestrange and Olivia Rouge! (Notice that Mimi is wearing one of my hats! :D )

Some sweethearts <3
The lovely Sugar Kane! One of the brightest burlesque stars from Finland. And definitely one of the sweetest girls that i've met!

Hugging with Olivia <3

Mirkka! I haven't seen her in a while, since she was a contestant in the finish edition of Project Runway, Muodin huipulle. You might also wanna check out her vintage inspired awesome collection ! ( ..have i seen that model somewhere before... ;D)

Mirkka and her sweetheart Jussi from "The Atomic Blast".

Look what i've got! The Atomic Blast special edition with a free poster!

On the last train to Helsinki that night i saw this "Matkaan" magazine. The lovely cover girl is ofcourse the oh-so-beautiful Minna! Her shoes are really to die for!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday book club meeting

Good books, good company, lot's of Earl Gray tea and some cake. What more can you ask for on a rainy day?
We had a book club meeting with my friend and fellow book worm Juha. Basically we just exchange books and then talk about books while having a cup of tea.
Here's some books that i brought to our meeting.
This time we had our meeting at my atelier.

Here's some cool book covers i've found lately.
I haven't read these two yet.

This one is an medieval adventure. I haven't read enything like this in a long while, so it should be interesting. That cover is great! Look at her nose! Beautiful!

I'm reading this one right now. It's a detective story in the style of Raymond Chadler.

This small comic book i found from work. It's a romantic adventure, for ladies. :D The cover promises ' Romance and excitement'.