Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, Hat Club, museum, dumpster diving

I'm wearing:
Vintage hat
vintage sweater
second hand skirt
50s handbag

This month our Hat Club went to the National Museum of Finland.
 The exhibition "Faithful friends-Royal dogs and horses"was lots of fun! You know the kind of exhibitions that are for the whole family, where you can do things, not just look at things. There were pieces of a knights armor you could try on...
 ..and historical riding costumes! I also tried out the saddle for ladies.

 A funny tall-case clock
 You might think these are some old Chinese works of art, but they are from Finland..

 Chandelier in the Lutheran church exhibition



And yes, dumpster diving!  Here's just some of the clothes after washing. We made really great finds! We had bags filled with 20s-30s-40s dresses, coats, suits, hats... An old (about 90-years old) lady died and they emptied the cellar. And all those wondeful dresses were about to go to the dump!
I have beautiful dresses for next summer, 40s beach wear and amazing 30s evening gowns. I'l be posting pics later...


  1. Great outfit and I cannot believe the clothes you found very intrigued to see what they are like!

  2. Miss Talullah, thank You :)

    Hannah, yeah! I had hard times believing it myself when i saw the dresses! Unbelievable someone would dump them....

  3. Siss täh töh missä sä löysit ne kuolleen tädin kamat? Ihan sattumalta jostain vai oliks sulla joku tieto että jostain saattais löytyä? Mä löydän vaan vanhoja toimitokaluisteita lavoilta :D Ja ok kerran semi-hienon tuolin...

  4. Ulrika, sattumalta kävelin lavan ohi ja katoin että "mitäs nyyttejä tuolla on..." Ja tadaa! Aarre! :D


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