Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fiona and friends in Olivia magazine

We had a photo shoot while ago, for Olivia fashion magazine. Here are some of the pics!

Photos: (the Amazing!) Niklas Meltio /
Make-up and hair: Miika Kemppainen ja Timo Karvinen
Style: Sanna Sierilä

But i did my own make-up and hair (like i always prefer to do)! And the stylist only dressed the model. We had a fun day! It's always delightful to dress up and goof around with friends!

Kinky Ricky, Fiona, Jean-Michelle, Anu, Kirsi.

If you want that jacket i'm wearing, you can buy it from!

Ok. I know this is totally geeky....

..but how cool is this Star Trek pizza cutter!? Thanks to my friend Essi for the link :)

Autumn = new shoes

Ok, i really don't think i need new shoes, but...
Look at these! Lovely!
Very sensible and comfortabe.

Could i have these in black, please? Then it would be "Who's bad!?"

These are my favourites! Very stempunkish.

These lovely shoes are from

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Helsinki Vintage with friends

(Cecil wants to be in every pic.) Hairnet and hairspray.

A fake bob. Just bobby pins and a hairnet. First timei've ever used a hairnet. But i like it!
You can't really see it...
Here, with the right light you can.
Wearing vintage. Hat by me.

With Lassi.

Finnish Scooterclub (SSC) was also there.
With Riikka <3!

A painting that i would love to own. Horses...

Sylvie and Lassi.

Friends from

Anne Taintor, once more!

Anne Taintor sure makes me smile...!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn, squirrels and rugby.

I love to see seasons change. Very inspiring.

On my way to my moms house for a brunch, i saw this adorable little creature!

After the brunch, it was time for some sports! Rugby!
It's was the Finnish championchips, and my friend Riku was playing.

It was the first time i saw a rugby game, and it was kinda fun. Too rough for me to play but anyway..

And my friends team, Warriors Rugby Club Helsinki, won! Here's Riku and me right after the game.

"Warriors take the Finnish Championship title for the third consecutive year, in doing so making history as the first club to do so in Finland."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sing It Back


Love, lovers, kissing, lovesongs, romance, desire, passion, affection, love letters, yearning.