Friday, October 9, 2009

Wet wednesday

Or should i say 'wetness'day. It was raining pretty hard, so i dug my vintage raincoat and rubber boots from the closet. We didn't go out this morning, obviously, 'couse my boys prefer to stay in when it's raining.

I had a very lazy hair day, so i just wrapped it up. This style is so easy and takes like two minute to create. If you are still wondering 'how?' i'm gonna post a video ( or series of pictures) soon :) My first tutorial! LOL.

Shoes of the day. Maybe not so feminine and delicate shoes, but they'll keep my toes dry!

Here's some half done hats..soon as i'm done with this blog, i'm gonna go and finish them!

My demonic babies with laser eyes.

Bix fiercely attacking his new toy! <3

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