Sunday, October 18, 2009

Autumn day

This sunday we went to the flea market Valtteri. It's great place to make affordable vintage finds.
I was wearing my new 40's coat that i bought few weeks ago for only 2€!
Faux fur collar and the vintage bow brooch are flea market finds.

"I have to thank my mom, my friends and my devoted fans..."

Here's something that you can find from Valtteri:
Cute match boxes!

Old books with pretty covers.
I've been dreaming about a chair like that!

WHAT is this!? Chimp-dracula? :D

I found new sunglasses! I'm crazy about vintage sunglasses, and these are particulary beautiful. Only 2€! That's mad!


  1. That coat sure is a find with only 2 €! I am sure the best finds are in Helsinki, or maybe I am just blind and don't see those lovely vintage bargains. We just visited two flea markets today and all I saw was 80's and 90's clothing which no-one wants. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. Atleast we have our recycling room in our apartment building where I can make free finds =)

  2. Love the coat, looks great with the fur and the beret and...You look great. I am totally bookmarking this blog :)



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