Friday, October 9, 2009

Eat&Joy maatilatori

Today i visited a foodmarket called Eat&Joy.
This is straight from their facebook group page (because i'm lazy :)

"Cultural Project and the shop opened in Lasipalatsi on the 2ndst of June. Concentrating on Finnish small producer's with the focus on local, top quality ingredients and organic food.

The Eat&Joy Farmer's Market centers on excellent Nordic seasonal tastes and non-processed food. We offer an extensive list of products:
kyytto-forest cow, poro (wild reindeer), grain pork meat, Saimaa fish and roe, smoked specialties, organic and wild vegetables and herbs,indigenous root vegetables,
berry jams, mushrooms, small producer’s specialty cheese,
churned organic butter, micro- brewery cider and special beer, organic whole grain – and rye bread, organic flour,
including great examples of organic ice cream and artisan chocolates.

We also have top chefs as curators promoting their special products and their recipes."
That sounds too good to be true! Just what i've been waiting for! We already tried their organic potatos and Tuorlan siideri (cider).

They have a wide range of dairy products. Check out this farm! Cheese you can enjoy with a good conscience.

There's also some Laitila products.

And candy! :D

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