Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday morning i was feelin' pretty late 1930's. I wore my hair up, like a fake bob. And i have here my other favourite 30's style sunglasses from the 80's. It seems like i'm revertin. 1940's used to be my absolutely favourite decade, but lately i've been definitely more into 30's..

Bix spotted a bird.

Cecil saw it too.

Since i was not able to go to my little atelier on monday ('couse of the wisdom tooth and a swollen face and the terrible pain..) i was very excited to go there. I did work really hard, but it was fun ( oh how i love hats)! This messy pile of miscellaneous materials is going to transform in to a pile of gorgeous hats!

Then, unexpectedly, my loving boyfriend called. He then came to see me and...

...brought food :D We had few cups of tea and then he was off, and i was able to get back to work.

P.S. You'll never quess who answered to my fan mail!? :D Yes! Ryan Heshka!


  1. Next time when I come to Helsinki I have to come and meet you in your little workroom =) I think I saw some photos of it in some other blog. Might have been Piaf de Belleville....
    I might go crazy in there seeing all those shiny glittery bits and fabulous fabrics =)

  2. You are very welcome! :) And yes, you will go crazy! :D Just like i do everyday when i go to my little atelier!


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