Friday, October 9, 2009

Truth, beauty, freedom and love on thursday

I watched the movie Moulin Rouge! again. I LOVE that movie! And 'couse i have the special collectors edition, there s lots of interesting making of material as well.
Doesn't Nicole Kidman look simply perfect in this white outfit?! And in this picture, there in also the genius behind the movie, Baz Luhrmann <3

The movie is packed with sparkling costumes, diamonds, colours and feathers, outfits that are proper for special occasions. But there is also some otfits that gives you ideas for weekdays too, like this gorgeous gray suit.

I had Moulin Rouge in mind while getting dressed that day.
I just adore that 1940's jacket that i bought few years ago. It costed only 12€!

I always wear this "lovebirds"brooc with that jacket. The Brooch is probably not very old or expensive, but i love it because it reminds me of my sweetheart :)

Shoes of the day. Very comfortable and pactical!

P.S. I found this vinyl from fleamarket for only 2€. Vogue!

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  1. Jos löytyy Spotify niin;

    George Shearing – Black Satin:

    ♥ !


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