Monday, October 5, 2009

Good deeds

Last saturday afternoon i went out. I was wearing my favourite vintage 30's style sunglasses (from the 80's) and my super cool flea market find: black trench coat for only 1 euro! Underneath i had a blue, knitted Marimekko dress. It's extremely comfortable and warm!

I had an awfully good looking gent to keep me company, my sweetheart Sakari <3
About the good deeds then...My first good deed that day was to purchase this pink ribbon. As many of you already know, these are sold to fund breast cancer research. In Finland almost 4200 women have to sruggle with it every year. But breast cancer is not a desease that exclusively affects women;men can develop breast cancer as well. If you want to know more, here's few links:

The next good deed was waiting just around the corner. As you know, we were having our lovely afternoon stroll with my boyfriend, when we bumped into a book stand. It was operated by Helsingin eläinsuojeluyhdistys (Helsinki animal protection association). Only one euro/3 books! Look at those cool paperback covers! I didn't buy any of those, 'cause they were written in swedish..
Doesn't she look like Lauren Bacall to you?!

I did find one book though. It was this thin green book titeld 'Vain sinulle' (only for you) and it's a guidebook for youngsters how to behave. It's from the 1940's and it's lots of fun! Some of it is ok, and advise like 'Don't drink too much on a first date.' is very valid for todays young people as well (and the older ones too...).
And remember girls! When your date is paying the bill in a restaurant, look the other way and act like you haven't noticed anything! LOL! :D

After a very exciting day, we went to Sakari's house for dinner. I had a Rio Cola (i usually never drink cola..) and it was goooood! The best cola there is. It's made here in Finland and since 2001 it's been, like all of the products of Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas, manufactured using wind power. The label is very nice too, very vintage!

Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas
(Also in English!)


  1. kivaa kun blogin pyöräytit !


  2. Hienoa! Sinulla on blogi ja löysin sen! :) Minulla on 1946 vuodelta Jokaisen Naisen Kirja, jossa on ohjeita kaikille elämän alueille ja siellä on tuo sama ohje ravintolakäyttäytymiseen. Olen yrittänyt sitä parhaani mukaan noudattaa, mutta mitäs sitten, jos joutuu maksamaan itse? :) En tiedä mitä kyseisestä aiheesta lukee samoihin aikoihin painetussa Jokaisen Miehen Kirjassani, koska olen jättänyt sen opiskelun tuolle toiselle osapuolelle...


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