Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday at work

I love looking like the book worm that i am.
One of my lazy hair day favourites, a big bun.
This Mickey Mouse comic book has funny Mickey stories from the 30's.
This beautiful antique table is a real find! I unfortunately can't afford it.. I have one of those black bakelite telephones at home, but mine has a straight cord.

This wall phone is quite nice too.
Shoes of the day. How cute can a pair of rubber boots be?!


  1. Good evening, love your blog...your hair colour is amazing is it completly natural or colour enhanced?

  2. Thanks! :) No, it's not all natural... I actually have brown hair.

  3. What colour /shade do you use?

  4. VAU! Ei uskoisi että tämä kampaus on laiskan hiuspäivän tuotoksia. Ü


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