Sunday, October 11, 2009

NCN 2009

What a night! What a day! I was feeling tired and maybe a little bit gloomy on my way to work on saturday morning, when i ran into this guy! A big blue penguin! And he (i'm not sure if he was really a boy or a girl...) was giving away ice cream. When he saw me walkin down the street he started waving and clapping. How can you feel gloomy when a huge penguin is waving at you? That little guy saved my morning!
When i got home, i packed my things and i was on my way to Wäiski. In the crowded dressing room i put on my make-up and costume and transformed into a whole new person...

Here's a sneak peek! More pictures coming soon ;D

I think the night was a success. There were few really intriguing acts. And the HulaPirates Crew is simply awesome. I love you guys! <3

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