Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo shoot with the HulaPirates

After few hours of sleep i packed my things again a was on my way to a group photo shoot with the HulaPirates. Photo shoots are almost always fun and today we had a blast! Most of the credit goes to our lovely snow white Masha<3 She's sharp as a knife!

This i what i was wearing today. I'm crazy about cardigans, and this one is one of my favourites at the moment. Kinda 1940's Austrian housewife :) I bought it from Fida for 4 €. The label says it's from the 80's.

Did you know that messiness can be a sign on creativity?

Here's part of the crew getting ready for the shoot: Masha, Sally, Bettie and Bent.

This is what i was wearing for the shoot. It's the same dress that i wore at The Helsinki Burlesque Fest this year. You'll see the final pics soon, i hope! :D

Shoes of the day. Only 18€ from Ellos.

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