Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Circus! <3

One of the best parties i've attended took place last sunday night in a circus tent! It was the Sirkus Finlandia season ending party. Bettie Blackheart, Sally Vanilla, Bent van der Bleu and Frank Doggenstein were performing. And the audience went wild! Masha did her debut as a pick-up girl! I can't wait to see her first burlesque number!

(Photo: Masha de Bordeaux)
Short introduction from Sirkus Finlandia web page:
"There have always been performing artists, but circus as we know it today is just over 200 years old. The first Finnish circus dates back 100 years. Traditional circus with a round stage has been accompanied by a newer more theater-like version. Circus Finlandia, however, represents the traditional form of circus.
The first show of Circus Finlandia was performed 21st April 1976 in Tammisaari, Finland. Now the circus has experience of over 30 years.
The status and influence of Circus Finlandia is unique in Finnish circus history. Circuses of this size have previously only been active for five years at most. Today Circus Finlandia is the only Finnish circus of international standards. It is also a member of ECA European Circus Association. About 200 000 Finns attend Circus Finlandia's show this year. "

(More about Sirkus Finlandia.)

(Photo:Masha de Bordeaux)
Here we are, the HulaPirates gang!
Bent, Masha, Fiona, Bettie, Frank and Sally. (Photo: Antti Suniala)

Here's the handsome photographer Antti. He's also the Fire Artist of Sirkus Finlandia. (Notice my modest governess look! :)

"No. Please...Don't make me leave! I wanna stay!"

Shoes of the day.

Purse of the day.

We are going to see the show tonight! I can't wait!


  1. Wow, what a party! And that purse is to die for :)

  2. Ihana laukku ja noi kengät! <3

  3. :) Kengät on kirppikseltä mutta ovat yllätys yllätys ihan perus henkka-maukkaa! Ei uskois, sillä ovat vielä hyvät jalassa! Laukku kans kirppikseltä, ysäri aarre! :D


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