Monday, October 5, 2009

Hedwig and the aching tooth

I still had two wisdom tooths until today. Now i only have one and can't wait to get rid of it!

This one was taken out today. I'm sorry, i know it's all bloody and icky and everything, but it's a symbol of my almost-wisdom-tooth-free life! Boy, they can be pretty painful!

After the operation i could only eat ICE CREAM! :D Chocolate chip vanilla, yummy!

Ice Cream goes well wiht a movie, adapted from a hit musical, about "The Internationally Ignored Song Stylist"-tarnssexual-punk rock girl from east Berlin. It's a tragic story but somehow you don't feel too bad afterwards. Even though her romances don't end happily and the future doesn't seem too rosy, it kinda leaves you feeling "everythings gonna be ok at the end". She can finally let go of the past after all the hardships.
And you gotta love her crazy style! Makes me wanna wear glitter make-up!

I also finally set up the new little rack that i found few days ago. It's perfect for my boys' collars! It's Disney's vintage Mickey Mouse. So cute!

My little rascals! <3

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