Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've had such a busy, amazing, fantastic weekend! There is so much stuff, i have to do this in sections..well, here goes!

On friday i had the honor to be the dj at the opening party of Vaudeville boutique! "Brings you the most delicious vintage inspired couture!" Fiona Timantti Hats are also available there ;D

These "happy-ostrich" feathers are grown and dyed in Finland. The Book is about a theatre/revue/cabaret called Punainen Mylly (the red mill) that dazzled Helsinki and Finland after the WWII. It's not translated in english yet, so it's only available in finnish.

These adorable Molla Mills goods are also available! I gotta have that "In Love" brooch!

The proud owners of the lovely Vaudeville Boutique: Burlesque performers Mimi de Froufrou, Lafayette Lestrange and Olivia Rouge! (Notice that Mimi is wearing one of my hats! :D )

Some sweethearts <3
The lovely Sugar Kane! One of the brightest burlesque stars from Finland. And definitely one of the sweetest girls that i've met!

Hugging with Olivia <3

Mirkka! I haven't seen her in a while, since she was a contestant in the finish edition of Project Runway, Muodin huipulle. You might also wanna check out her vintage inspired awesome collection ! ( ..have i seen that model somewhere before... ;D)

Mirkka and her sweetheart Jussi from "The Atomic Blast".

Look what i've got! The Atomic Blast special edition with a free poster!

On the last train to Helsinki that night i saw this "Matkaan" magazine. The lovely cover girl is ofcourse the oh-so-beautiful Minna! Her shoes are really to die for!


  1. Mirkka is my favourite in Project Runway! :-) I've been checking Vaudeville Boutique's website and I wish there were more products available.

  2. Mirkka is my favourite too! :)
    Soon there will be more products! Just you wait! :D


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