Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday finds

This is what i wore on thursday. This burgundy dress i bought from my friend Veera.
I had a lazy hair day, so i just wore my hair up with curled fringe.

These vintage humor glasses were the find of the day! Just look at these photos and you'll get what i mean.. :D

My co-worker Satu.

My co-worker Aila.

Here's some cool finds from work, Fida Puotinharju (cool things i can't afford.. :D ).
"Tarina" by Arabia.

Beautiful vintage shoes that are too small for me... :/

50's cupboard full of old books<3

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  1. Hmmmm... menisköhän ne popot mun päälle?
    Nimim. eiköhän yksi pari vielä sais survottua jonnekki

    (En oo ehtiny käydä missään kirppareilla tai kaupoissa pitkään aikaan kun on ollut niin paljon kaikkea. Tylsää :/ )


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