Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...!

Hey Hepcats!
I'm sorry that i haven't been updating my blog in days, but thats just because i've been insanely busy! The Ofelia Market is just around the corner and the movie Iron Sky is gonna keep me super busy for the next few months. If you have no clue of what i'm talking about, take a look at this (yep, i made those costumes :)!

I hope to see many of you in Gloria this weekend! <3
My Friend Oona (who was actually named after Oona Chaplin!) is performing there. She's great, but if you don't believe me, you can listen to her songs in myspace. This pic below is from Oona's photo shoot. We had our lovely team together again : Make-up Miia Magia/Photos Riku R./Hair and style Fiona Timantti. There's more photos in Oona's blog in myspace (and some funny 'behind the scenes pics' as well..).

And don't forget the Ofelia Peek-A-Boo party on friday! You'll get the chance to see TV OFF live! They are very busy these days, traveling all over europe...

Here's Sara from TV OFF, the Petit Girl with an Amazing Voice! (And she's wearin the bynny hat i made especially for her<3)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Paloma Faith - Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?

Hey! Four eyes!

Last sunday morning we went, as usual, to 'Valtteri' flea market (my favourite in Helsinki). I found some old magazines and a lovely vintage 50's dress. And some lovely specs, but i didn't buy them.. :/ Too expensive.

This gorgeous dress was only 8e.

Nice old magazines from the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Sakari found some old lemonade bottles.

Here's the cool specs i found! Most of them were actually pretty silly looking (maybe they just didn't suit me that well..)

These were perfect! I love that shape and those colours.

These were pretty nice too. Bigger than i had in mind, so i didn't buy them.

If you wanna buy specs online, heres one site you might wanna check out (you can shop in finnish, swedish, norwegian, german and danish) Favoptic. Their prices are very reasonable.
These two are my favourites on that site.

Another page worth visiting is Opera Opera. They have a very wide range of vintage style glasses. "Vintage reproduction frames & sunglasses using genuine rivet hinges & trims not mock pins & trims ‘stuck on’ on modern mass produced sunken joints."

These 'Harper' frames are just brilliant.
And they are hand made in England!
They also have those "Johnny Depp glasses", in many different colours.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Seems like my new favourite film! Amazing! What a cast!
New film by Terry Gilliam, i gotta see this! Oh i can't wait... This was also Heath Ledgers last film. R.I.P.

And this is something i'm really waiting to see too...Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton!

Some say to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily i am.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lauren & Oscar

(photo: Reuters)
Lauren Bacall received an honorary Oscar last weekend, 14th of november. The legendary actress accepted the honour four months before the full ceremony takes place. Upon receiving the award, she said: "I can't believe it - a man at last. The thought that when I get home I'm going to have a two-legged man in my room is so exciting."
I really admire her talent, beauty and long career. My favourite Bacall films right now are "To Have and Have Not" and "Dark Passage". One of the reasons is that in those two movies she's working with her late husband (and according to Bacall, the Love of her life) Humphrey Bogart.Bogart&Bacall

Dark Passage is one of my favourite films.
I have to read her autobiography "Lauren Bacall By Myself" again. If only i had the re-published version "By Myself and Then Some", it has an extra chapter.. She has also written another autobiography "Now" in 1994 (haven't read it).
I was so hoping to see her at the Cannes Film festival 2008 (i was there with Energia Productions to promote upcoming movie "Iron Sky"), but unfortunately i didn't see her.

Did you know, by the way, that Bacall is the only legend still among us, mentioned in a popular phrase from Madonna's 1990 hit song "Vogue" ?

Tiia Vanhatapio receives the Golden Hanger Award 2009!

Congratulations Tiia!

(Photo from

The winner of the Golden Hanger Award is selected by a jury consisting of respected Finnish fashion professionals.
The Golden Hanger Award – presented annually since 1995 – is widely considered to be the most prestigious fashion award in Finland. The award can be given to a Finnish company or designer, whose collection or products meet the following requirements: up-to-date, high quality in design and materials, functionality, good price-quality ratio, exportable commerciality. Representing Finnish quality is also a key requisite.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seashells and exotic birds

This is one thing that i don't admit collecting, but they just somehow seem to flock...Bird earrings. These are all flea market finds.

Another one of my weaknesses, things shaped like seashells. I use these as jewel boxes.

These lovely earrings are by Tyra Therman/Miranda Burlesque and i got them from Punavuoren putiikki. Punavuoren putiikki is a sweet little shop specialised in lingerie, jewellery and all thing beautiful, burlesque and handmade. Fiona Timantti hats are also available there soon :) I'm gonna tell you more about that later..

Movie clip mashup


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Few tips for the festive season, vintage Hollywood style

I love everything about these two photos, hair, make-up, clothes, light, colours... These hairstyles are very old Hollywood style, but at the same time very modern. And definitely very engaging.
Hair: Allen Ruiz
Photos: Tania Quintanilla
Make-up: Maris Malone Calderon
Outfits: Brandy Joy Smith
(Check out these guys!)

If you have short hair, this shiny geometric 20's style bob is a great choice (hair: Allen Ruiz).

One of my favourite Finnish designers, Tiia Vanhatapio, "The Queen of Cocktail Dress" makes dresses that bring out the Femme Fatal in you! The Vanhatapio world is a futuristic mixture of surreal visual elements, historic events, subculture music, film noir and fanciful imagination. These gorgeous outfits are from her AW 09/10 collection, Valkyria.

You can buy Tiia Vanhatapio products online from FinnishDesignShop and from Tiias own online boutique, Vanhatapio Wardrobe.

To complete your vintage Hollywood style, you need of course...Diamonds! If you can't afford (like i sure don't!) real ones, this is the second best option: The Hollywood collection - Original Reproductions of Cinematic Jewels From Legendary Films. Here's few of my favourites:
Diamond earrings (75$) from Loretta Young's personal collection.

Diamond and pearl necklace (125$) worn by Ingrid Bergman in the film "Arch of Triumph" (1948).

Lovely bow pin (90$), as seen in the film "Reputation" (1917), worn by Edna Goodrich.
I have few quite similar bows in my own jewel collection, but this one is the most beautiful i've seen!

Bette Davis wore a pracelet similar to this one (75$) in the film "The Private Lives of Eliszbeth and Essex" (1939).

This amazing timepiece (55$) was also worn by Bette, in the film "Mr.Skeffington" (1944). This one would make a perfect Xmas present (wink wink... )!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Some kind of HulaPirates version of The Munsters or The Addams Family :D

This was DJ Fiona Timantti's halloween outfit this year! Black 50's vintage dress with lovely white lace details. And lots of rosaries. That PVC bow is made by me. Thats , by the way, how my hair looks if i don't curl it. My hair is naturally totally straight.

My top 5 halloween songs this year were:
1. Michael Jackson-Thriller (it's my number one favourite every year, i guess..)
2. Dan Popplewell-Stylish Thriller
3. Pet Shop Boys-Vampires
4. Jill Tracy-Evil Night Together
5. Run-DMC-Ghostbusters

These pictures are of course taken by Atelieri O.Haapala <3

Anne Taintor - Making Smart People Smile since 1985

"Maybe I Want To look Cheap" I saw that caption and a beautiful pic of a vintage beauty printed on a cosmetic bag about ten years ago. It was love at first sight! Today Anne Taintor has a wide collection of magnets, cosmetic bags, compacts, key rings, coin purses and lots of other useful stuff. And they all have these hilarious phrases and pretty pictures on them! I don't know about smart people...But these sure make me smile! :)
And 'cause Xmas is coming and everybody seems to be talking about presents, keep Anne Taintor in mind when you are trying to find something sweet for someone who "already has everything!".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mommy's little Monsters <3

If you've been wondering how my boys are doin', i'm happy to say that they are doin' just fine! Sometimes they drive me crazy when i wake up at 4am, 'cause mommy's little monsters are running around and "remodeling" my small flat (i'm sure that all you people living with cats now that feeling all too well..). But i adore them still!
Bix in the snow (for the second time in his life!)

Cecil does not appreciate snow as much as Bix does..