Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey you all! About hats!

Hey all you lovely people!
I've been getting tons of e-mail about my hats, i'm overwhelmed and utterly thrilled! :)
I'll be posting a price list soon, and info about color choices etc.
So, my web page is under construction, but you can order my hats staight from me.
If you live in finland, you can buy my hats from (i'm sure they will ship worldwide, but the problem is that the page is only in Finnish for now..) or from Punavuoren Putiikki in Helsinki, Punavuorenkatu 2.

Also, if you have an vintage hat that needs repairing, i'll be happy to do it! Or if you have an old hat that you don't like, it may be possible to transform it to a new hat.

Thank you all for your lovely messages!


  1. Oh jos saan ansaittua tarpeeksi rahaa tulevan kirpputoripöydän antimilla niin täällä olisi ehdottomasti yksi tilaaja lisää :D Your hats are sooo stunning!


  2. You´re the one that did those hats for Ulrika at The Freelancers Fashion Blog! They were totally amazing! :)

  3. Yes, thanks Diva! I think Ulrika is a perfect model for my vintage style hats!


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