Sunday, May 23, 2010

Early in the morning

I was inspired by this post by Rhia.
So this is how i usually look like in the morning, runnin' around the flat, half dressed, half in my pyjamas, no make-up and my hair still on rollers. And already running late as usual.

This is a good song for early mornings. I just love Betty Hutton, she is so crazy and sweet!

I did get dressed that morning...
This is one on my favourite vintage dresses form the 50's, blueberries! Cardigan is second hand.
In the background you can see Sakari's new 50's wardrobe. It's actually a linen cabinet, but with few changes it makes an exelent closet. Though my clothes could never fit in to anythin that small...


  1. The mintgreen tiles in your bathroom are cool!

  2. It's actually not my bathroom, it's my sweethearts :) But yes, they are very cool!

  3. Kaunis tuo mekko! Oli kiva juttu sinusta Oliviassa, se kuva oli ihana. :-)

  4. Taidat olla aika paljon enemmän myöhässä kun piti vielä kuviakin tuosta tilanteesta ottaa! :D

    T: Flanööri


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