Saturday, May 29, 2010

Arabian Nights

Lately i've been very inspired by the next years theme for the Helsinki Burlesque Festival: one thousand and one nights.
I'll be wearing something like this! Maybe not that revealing though.

I've been making the perfect pattern for a perfect turban, but i'm not quite there yet..

This is just a scarf wrapped around the head, but it looks good.

For some reason i see myself here, in 40 years.

This is very cool pic, but the turban is a bit too high for my taste.

This is maybe closer to what i'm gonna do.

This next picture is not like anything i would do, but it's pretty damn awesome!
Crochet turban and dress by Sandra Backlund. Her works are really cool. Not something i would wear maybe, but still..i have to admire her skils!
And this next picture with Tilda Swinton wearing Backlunds dress, wow! That dress is amazing. And who wouldn't love Tilda...

And heres something silly! A clip from Disney's Aladdin. I really like animations, and this goes well with the HBF theme :)

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