Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drag Me To HEL

We had a lovely party few months ago, i just forgot to post these pictures...
The night was hosted by the sweet sweet dame, Lola Vanilla. Notice her spectacular heels!

(Photo Saara Salmi)

Here's my drag personality, Jalo Kivinen accompanied by two lovely ladies Kiki and Pepper.
(Photo Petra Innanen)

Here's my new favourite Drag Queen, Crazy Cat Lady Linnea!

(Photo Petra Innanen)

Here's me with my new idol. I'm acturlly not just dressed in drag, but my drag character Jalo is also in drag (!). As you can see, he's wearing a tutu, men's garters, tail coat and high heels. I was a mess! :D I made that tutu myself while still in school. It's made the same way that they make tutus in Finnish National Opera.

My garters are vintage, but if you can't find vintage gartesr that you like, try Sock Dreams! They have lovely new garters.

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