Monday, May 24, 2010

He is such a master! 21.5.2010

Here he is! Jari! The fresh Master of Arts! :D

Party gang! We may have had few glasses of champagne... For this picture, i got to wear Lola's spectacular heels! If you like Lola's heels, check out Joy Boots!

I was going to take these outfit pics before the party, but that didn't happen..So i took them after the the party, in the middle of the night, when i got home. Cecil wanted to be in the pictures as well. Bix is not in the pictures, for he was too busy lurking in the bushes.

I'm wearing one of my favourite 40's dresses. It was a gift from my friend Oona. 50's gardigan is a flea market find, shoes, belt and hat second hand.


  1. That dress is stunning! And straw hat too :)

  2. Ihana kesälookki, etenkin turkoosi neuletakki ja olkihattu <3 Olen tuollaista olkihattua koittanut metsästää, mutta ilmeisesti on ollut simmut kiinni kaupoilla :D

  3. Kirppiksiltä löytää parhaiten, ja edullisesti :) Vaikka ihan H&M:lläkin on tollasia perus hattuja, vaikka et kyllä voi suositella siellä asioimaan :/


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