Monday, March 5, 2012

You can tell what goes on in my head, because the way i look?

I'm sure some of you vintage girls get this too..
I find it rather annoying, that some people look at me and seem to define me merely by the way i look. Yes, i love dresses, i like my hair to be pretty, i like high heels and i write about clothes. But that is not the only thing i write about. I love my cats but my brain is not made of kittens. And it's usually (middle aged)women who think like this.
"She looks like a vintage woman, she must think like a 50's house wife."

Images : Anne Taintor


  1. People need to explain what they see, so they almost always make the simpliest and most obvious assumptions...dressed in vintage? then you are obsolete minded or so! or perhaps antisexual according to nowadays standards. whatever...i used to i surely don't give a damn fuck!


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