Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fiona from Blogistania

So...i'm gonna be on tv next week. I was asked to be a part of this thing called Blogistania. It's about blogs and bloggers. Today i was asked to come to the early morning (too early!) program to talk about it. Here's few pics. I was wearing a Fiona Timantti hat and one of my favourite piece of jewellery, Tero Kuitunen Diamond!

 Heh heh!

You can watch the clip on Yle Areena (i think it only works in Finland, sorry).

EDIT: Now you can watch it anywhere!

Here's a little teaser:

The series starts today! My episode will be out next week. Other lovely bloggers on the show are:

-Outi Pyy (Trashion)
-Riikka Kurki (dollhouses)
-Kajsa Wikman (patchwork)
-Terhi Viinikanoja (crafts)
-Karin Lindroos (flea market expert)
-Jonna Vormala (cooking and baking)
-Anniina Nurmi (ekological and ethical clothing)
-Jonna Hietala (decorating)
-Jenni Rotonen (fashion and trends)

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  1. Menestystä:)
    Kiva hattu ja niin kivassa värisävyssä, kuten minun blogini värimaailmassa :)



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