Wednesday, March 28, 2012

@BAR in Helsinki

 We were just walking on the streets of Helsinki with my friend Miia Magia, when we saw this place. A place we had heard of but never visited. We went in. I'm glad we did. It's a pop up bar by Absolut Vodka and it is decorated by many different artists. The space has been designed by Klaus Aalto and Tero Kuitunen (yes, the wonderful guy who makes the beutiful diamond neclaces!) together with Kasino Creative Studio. Clothing designer Daniel Palillo, visual artist Katja Tukiainen, illustrator Rami Niemi and concept artist Mikko Kuorinki has updatet the window every Thursday. 
The bartender was so nice!

So much to see...

The drinks were so good! They have a new list every week and they use lots of interesting ingredients.
If you are in Helsinki, you shoud go there! The address is Kalenvankatu 13. It's been there for a month and it's only gonna be there for few more days!

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