Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dj Fiona Mouse

A while ago i was dj'in at Tiia Vanhatapio's fashion dinner. I was wearing my Mouse Fatale headpiece,Tiia Vanhatapio dress (i love it!) and Minna Parikka shoes (my new favourites). I spent the following night in one of Design Hotel Klaus K's lovely rooms.
I like hotel rooms. 

Aren't these lovely? I got these from Minna last christmas.


  1. Gorgeous headpiece, gorgeous shoes and, most of all, one hella gorgeous lady!

  2. Ihana hattu! Ihana mekko! Ihanat kengät! ihana Fiona!

  3. That headpiece is something else. Dangling beads makes it perfect. And the whole look is fabulous, as always. Kisses!


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