Monday, January 31, 2011

What is IN?

I just got a comment from Anonymous to my post about vintage ideas for men. She/he said that zoot suit is not IN. I mean really! Since when has it been compulsory to only like/write about what's in? Ofcourse people may have different taste when it comes to clothing and fashion. I'm interested in fashion, but if you only want to read posts about what is IN at the moment, you're in the wrong blog pal.


  1. hahahaha, this is very funny ! what a ridiculous comment ! your selection of pictures on the "vintage fashion for men"- post is immaculate !!!! noboy puts my baby johnny in the corner !!!
    you know what, anonymous ? "in" is totally out! "out" is in, got it ???

  2. Thankfully people with sense don't care what is in and what is out but wear what ever the heck they want. =) Otherwise this would be totally boring world.


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