Thursday, January 27, 2011

My new favourite film, Hella W

I got an invitation to see the new movie Hella W before the premier. That was because i lent some of my hats to be used in the film (yes, my name was in the credits! :)
The movie was great! I was so impressed by the costumes, music, cars...And the actors were splendid. Especially Tiina Weckström as Hella.
The atmosphere of the film is simply compelling.
And Hella Wuolijoki is a very interesting character, a strong, independet woman, an author who wrote books under the name Juhani Tervapää (because when she wrote under her own name, her books got censored..), tough business woman and active in politics. She did many things a woman was not expected to do back in her days.

Me and my friend, one wonderful lady, Sirpa.

My new car ( i wish!). This beauty was parked outside the movie theatre. We didn't get a ride to the after party, luckily it was only a block away.


  1. Must see this movie! Car is so magnificent!

  2. I saw the trailer a while ago and thought THAT is a movie I HAVE to see!

  3. Looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it, congratulations on your film credits!


  4. Olen odottanut tätä elokuvaa kuin kuuta nousevaa siitä saakka, kun näin trailerin, ensi viikolla VIHDOIN pääsen näkemään :).

  5. Möh! Mä en edes tienny että tollainen elokuva oli tulossa. Mutta jee! Ja sun hatut; huippua!


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