Friday, February 26, 2010

Vintage ideas for men

Boston Garter, 1914

Kuppenheimer Menswear, 1929

Interwoven Socks, 1929

Hel Looks

Hel Looks

Actor Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Johnny Depp just keeps getting prettier! And that vintage inspired style fits him so well. Suits you, sir!

Adrien Brody looks just perfect. The suit, the face, the hair...

Montgomery Ward winter catalog 1952-53

You'll find shoes like these from onlineshop.

Montgomery Ward winter catalog 1952-53.

Hel Looks


Wrangler Jeans, 1964


  1. What a perfect post, thank you for this!

  2. You can't beat a man in a suit...(even more so if it's Mr Depp)

  3. Johnny Depp looks AWFUL. What a baggy suit look, zoot suit isn't IN.

  4. Anonymous, i think Johnny looks absolutely wonderful.
    And who cares what is IN and what's not?


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