Monday, January 17, 2011

For the Love of Opera Gloves!

I found this new website today, called "For the Love of Opera Gloves!". Interesting site, not really pretty or easy to use, but oh gee, i've never seen that many pictures of opera gloves! I think this page is for the people who really love opera glover, but even if you are not crazy about them, this is a very interesting site to visit. There are some new pictures too (for example photos of 90's supermodels wearing opera gloves, though Suzy Parker's there too..) but also lots of older photos. Here are some of my favourite pics. Look at those hats!

I think i love everything about this photo. The gloves, the hat, the dress..and this lady is beautiful in very unique way.

"Too much? No? Good."

Lovely gloves and jewellery.

This hat makes me smile!

Yes, the hats and the gloves...but look at those shoes!
If i had the money, i would start making shoes right now! Fiona Timantti Shoes?


  1. Wow, thanks for this post, what stunning hats and gloves, I absolutely love them.

  2. The white gloves are so intricate and elegant!

  3. they really knew how to do style and love the gloves!


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