Wednesday, January 26, 2011

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names”

Hey guys! That's a Chinese Proverb, that got me thinking. There are few FT best sellers that i would like to name. Help me name these hats and i'll revard one of you with a FT hat! Just leave a comment here or send me e-mail fionatimantti(at)

Hat 1
This one has been called Garbo (after Greta ofcourse), do you think that's a good name for this one?

Hat 2
What about this one then? I've been making this in many different colours, as you can see here.

This ^ one is for sale at (I do ship worldwide!)


  1. First hat: I think Garbo is a good name. The hat also reminds me of Clara Bow, so maybe Clara?

    For the second hat I'll suggest Bowie, because the hat is small and it has a bow, and because Bowie would be a strange name for a hat!

  2. They look beyond fantastic...Love each and everyone of them.

  3. Mm. I don't know why, but to me the first one has a definite "film noir" feel. So, Femme Noir?
    And the second is such a cutie. Bowette perhaps?

  4. Garbo is a terrific name! I'd also suggest Pandora, because the shape is very 20's, which reminds me of Louise Brooks, which reminds me of her most famous movie: Pandora's Box (and also because you could always surprise us with different embellishments onto the same shape)..

    Or Darth - as in Darth Vader.. ;)

    the other one is one of my absolute favorites!!
    One of my favorite words in german (though I don't speak german) is Schleife... You speak german, isn't it their word for 'bow'? I think that would be a nice name!!

    Or maybe Beau? Which is french for pretty but sounds like 'bow'..

    I'll let you know if I think of something else!

  5. Bowie is a great name for the last hat already.
    What about Gwendolyn for the one with the huge sequined flower appliqué and Peggy for the hat that should be definitely named Bowie, hahaha.

  6. I think that Garbo is perfect for the above hat!

    For the second hat I can't help but think about the name Audrey. I think that there's a certain peppyness and brightness in that name, that would suit the hat. On the other hand Rosetta I think would be nice for the bow'ishness. Also, for some reason, I'm thinking of Grace Kelly. So grace, for the elegant form, or Kelly for the modern vibe?

  7. I'd call the first hat the Clara Bow hat and the second the Aviator hat because the bow kind of looks like wings,

  8. I'd call the last one gigi, mainly because its so sweet looking.
    The first I'd call bon voyage after the french film. It just reminds me of the costume the femme fatal would wear.

  9. Hat #1, Violet or Agnes or Lillian, hat #2, Carol, Janice, Connie or Pattie or Joanie.


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