Friday, January 14, 2011

I know what you did last summer

Now when it's cold outside, it's fun to look at summer photos! Here's few memories i wanna share with you.

I attended few weddings. Here's wedding outfit #1

Spending time with friends...

And ofcourse, garden parties.

I also dressed up as a teacher

Wedding #2

I wrestled a bit..

..went for a picnic by the sea..

..cruised with Minna Parikka and friends. Here's me and Lumimarja.

One of my favourite things in summertime is going out with my boys.

I also spent lots of time at my atelier. One of my favourite places in the whole world. I really feel at home there. And i sometimes can almost feel the presence of Maria, the lady who opened that little hat shop back in 1942.


  1. I love the way each phot tells a story. Such a pleasure to share.

  2. how wonderful ! I love that first picture of you in the purple dress ! could you show us more pictures of your studio ?? it's a dream. I wish I had a place like this. my living room is my studio is my living room......

  3. Love it!
    Oh, how I miss the summer..

  4. Great outfits. I love you dressed as a teacher! Hehe.
    -Andi x

  5. Lots of great photos Fiona! The little black har you wore underneath the parasoll is devine! And the sweater clips! Were did you find them ? D

  6. this was such an inspiring posts! all the outfits/costumes are extraordinarily

    I'm really glad you shared this!

  7. Diva: The black 40's hat is a present from my friend Mimo and the clips are a fleamarket find, probably 2 euros or something.. :) I really like them!

    Arielle: Thanks! :)


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