Monday, November 2, 2009


So much party photos, so little time to post them! Heres some pics from Atelier O.Haapala birthday party and from 'All Burlesque'...

There was lot's of champagne and a cake that was shaped like a zeppelin!

The location was super! We were in one of the oldest hotels in Helsinki, Hotelli Seurahuone.
History of hotelli Seurahuone
'At the end of the 1820s, Helsinki sorely needed distinguished, stylish premises for festivities. The Town Hall had become far too small and was unable to meet the demand. A meeting held in the Helsinki Magistrate’s Office on 29 November 1827 drew attention to the town’s lack of a decent hotel and restaurant operator. This led to the decision to establish the Hotel Seurahuone, and on 29 January 1828 a Board of Directors was appointed for the new joint-stock company. The grand opening of the new hotel, designed by architect Carl Ludvig Engel, took place on 8 December 1833.'
The Hotel Seurahuone Helsinki is Finland’s oldest hotel operating without interruption.
More about Hotelli Seurahuone.

Here are the two geniuses behind Atelieri O.Haapala, Helmut and Onyxei!

I've had my picture taken by them five times. Here's one on my favourite, from the Helsinki Burlesque festival 2008.

Lumimarja, Saara (a.k.a. Onyxei) and me posing.

After the birthday party, i rushed to work.
As you probably remember, i had a gig in DTM. It was 'Women only' burlesque party, starring Sugar Kane, The Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret and Burlesque Polaire.

Here's my outfit for the night. The dress is so short...I woud normally never ever wear something this tiny, but Dj gigs are a whole 'nother story.. I love to wear wigs. You can change your style so easily. This black one is probably my favourite.Here's me wearing a blonde wig. The latex outfit is by Kirsi Nisonen. This picture was taken few months ago when i had dj gig in tampere, Fetish Factory 2009.


  1. Hitsi kun sun ja Sakarin kuva Burleskifestareilta on kaunis, itsekin olen kuvauttanut tuossa kukkaköynnös taustassa mutta kuvasta ei voi puhua samana päivänäkään...

  2. No höh :D Ei pidä paikkaansa, näytät varmasti oikein hyvältä! Hei sä muuten ihastelit sitä supsubaskeria joka mulla oli yhessä kuvassa? Sen tyyppinen on tulossa Fiona Timantti mallistoon vielä tän vuoden aikana! :D Harmaana ja tummansinisenä.


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