Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey! Four eyes!

Last sunday morning we went, as usual, to 'Valtteri' flea market (my favourite in Helsinki). I found some old magazines and a lovely vintage 50's dress. And some lovely specs, but i didn't buy them.. :/ Too expensive.

This gorgeous dress was only 8e.

Nice old magazines from the 40's, 50's and 60's.

Sakari found some old lemonade bottles.

Here's the cool specs i found! Most of them were actually pretty silly looking (maybe they just didn't suit me that well..)

These were perfect! I love that shape and those colours.

These were pretty nice too. Bigger than i had in mind, so i didn't buy them.

If you wanna buy specs online, heres one site you might wanna check out (you can shop in finnish, swedish, norwegian, german and danish) Favoptic. Their prices are very reasonable.
These two are my favourites on that site.

Another page worth visiting is Opera Opera. They have a very wide range of vintage style glasses. "Vintage reproduction frames & sunglasses using genuine rivet hinges & trims not mock pins & trims ‘stuck on’ on modern mass produced sunken joints."

These 'Harper' frames are just brilliant.
And they are hand made in England!
They also have those "Johnny Depp glasses", in many different colours.


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