Friday, November 6, 2009

Leopard craze!

I might get tired of some patterns or change my opinion about colors, but it seems that i'll never get tired of leopard pattern.
This coat i bought from Fida. It's 60's vintage, it costed 30 e. I usually never pay that much for a coat..

This one is from Fida Too, 3 e.

Shiny black plastic and furry faux furrrr..So cute! Vintage, 2 e from flea market.

This picture is from Hopeapeili magazine, January issue 1953. Jacket by Maggie Rouff, hat by Marie Christian.

These shoes are quite nice. I like the shape of the heel. Unfortunately these are not mine :/ You can buy yours from Electrique Boutique.

This is what i've been doin' lately. Leopard muffs and collars. If you wanna buy one of these, hurry! I have only few of these left! Send me e-mail (fionatimantti(at) if you are interested.

This is a new design of mine. There's also gonna be a leopard version :)

Here's my friend Taina. Shes my wonderful knitter <3 That pile of yarn is going to transform into Fiona Timantti berets!


  1. How much do you ask for the leopard muffs and collars? They're perfectly adorable!

  2. Muff is 5o €, and collar 25 €. That material is perfect! So soft...

  3. Hieno takki jälleen kerran. Ja hieno kaulus!

    Mä oon ettinyt netistä leopardi turkista mutten tunnu löytävän sopivaa. Tai yhden hienon löysin mutta se ei kuulemma ole kovin lämmin joten etsintä jatkuu, äh :(


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