Thursday, November 12, 2009

Few tips for the festive season, vintage Hollywood style

I love everything about these two photos, hair, make-up, clothes, light, colours... These hairstyles are very old Hollywood style, but at the same time very modern. And definitely very engaging.
Hair: Allen Ruiz
Photos: Tania Quintanilla
Make-up: Maris Malone Calderon
Outfits: Brandy Joy Smith
(Check out these guys!)

If you have short hair, this shiny geometric 20's style bob is a great choice (hair: Allen Ruiz).

One of my favourite Finnish designers, Tiia Vanhatapio, "The Queen of Cocktail Dress" makes dresses that bring out the Femme Fatal in you! The Vanhatapio world is a futuristic mixture of surreal visual elements, historic events, subculture music, film noir and fanciful imagination. These gorgeous outfits are from her AW 09/10 collection, Valkyria.

You can buy Tiia Vanhatapio products online from FinnishDesignShop and from Tiias own online boutique, Vanhatapio Wardrobe.

To complete your vintage Hollywood style, you need of course...Diamonds! If you can't afford (like i sure don't!) real ones, this is the second best option: The Hollywood collection - Original Reproductions of Cinematic Jewels From Legendary Films. Here's few of my favourites:
Diamond earrings (75$) from Loretta Young's personal collection.

Diamond and pearl necklace (125$) worn by Ingrid Bergman in the film "Arch of Triumph" (1948).

Lovely bow pin (90$), as seen in the film "Reputation" (1917), worn by Edna Goodrich.
I have few quite similar bows in my own jewel collection, but this one is the most beautiful i've seen!

Bette Davis wore a pracelet similar to this one (75$) in the film "The Private Lives of Eliszbeth and Essex" (1939).

This amazing timepiece (55$) was also worn by Bette, in the film "Mr.Skeffington" (1944). This one would make a perfect Xmas present (wink wink... )!

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