Monday, November 2, 2009

Circus Finlandia, what a show!

We went to see the Sirkus Finlandia show last tuesday with the HulaPirates gang here in Helsinki. The show was awesome! It had everything that a circus act needs, horses, sea lions, cats (<3), juggling (with fire!), clowns, unicycles...

Here we are, looking very smart with our new noses.

Here's some photos from Sirkus Finlandia homepage. They are a bit small, sorry :/ (i downloaded the small one by mistake, and the big ones are not available anymore..)

Antti Suniala.

Darja & Pavel

Flying flowers.

Miss Darja and her cats.

Timolin sisters.

HulaPirates gang. Jari, Petra, Epe, Me, Saana. Masha is behind the camera.

Me, Masha, Sally. I'm wearing one on my favourite 40's vintage hats and a faux fur collar (from my collection).

Remember kids! Smoking is bad and it makes you look like a clown!

Goodbye, Sirkus Finlandia! Can't wait to see you again next year!

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