Monday, November 2, 2009

The other side of Fiona Timantti of course my drag character DJ Jalo Kivinen! The name is not funny, if you are not Finnish. Jalokivi=jewl, gem (like a diamond..Timantti=diamond) and Jalo is a finnish, a bit old fashioned name for a man. Jalo also means noble.
Here's dj Jalo Kivinen and his halloween cat at Wäiski, Dr.Sketchy fright night 30.10.2009.

Here's Jalo and Lola Vanilla and the Golden Pussy.

These pictures are from the night Jalo was seen for the first time. It was the Helsinki Burlesquenew comers night 2009. More newComers night pics here!
Dj Miroslove Satan & Dj Jalo Kivinen

Quite charming chap, wouldn't you say?
That tailcoat and the top hat are vintage, and in great shape. I hope Jalo takes good care of them...

P.s. We had a delightful Halloween party on saturday also, but because it was a kinky-halloween party, arranged with the SMRF i don't have any pictures (photographing was forbidden). But luckily Atelier O.Haapala was there! :D So i have one or two pictures of my party outfit taken in their portable atelier!

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