Saturday, September 24, 2011

Oh, vanity...

 Old photo found here

 Rita Hayworth

 Barbara Stanwyck. I love that dress!

Jean Harlow. A bit too much, don't you think?

Greta Garbo. The wonderful Greta.

 This is my old vanity. It's from the 50's and it's super cute! I just don't have room for it anymore, since i got a new one, a bit older, art deco style vanity. I would like to keep them both..
You like it? Buy it! :)

Bix want's to be the center of the attention, as usual.

The photo of Rita and Barbara are from Bonnie's blog, here's a link to her post back in 2009. Lot's of pics of movie stars and their vanities! 


  1. Oh to have enough space for a vanity table and mirror, alas I have to stand to doll myself up!

  2. I have a weakness for beautiful vanity tables; I love mine! The art deco ones are the best, though, so long as they don't have a sunken middle!

  3. BEAUTIFUL vanity. I agree: Stanwyck's dress is AMAZING!

  4. Lovely! I always wanted a vanity when I was I want one again lol!


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