Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diamond Stash Speakeasy 2!

Few weeks ago it was time for Ravintolapäivä once again. I was hosting a cocktail party"Diamond Stash Speakeasy" at my atelier. I was so glad that so many people came, especially many of my dear friends and customers. Unfortunately i didn't really have time to chat because i was mixing drinks all the time...
Photos were taken by Ville Kekäläinen.

That black wig is my favourite. The beaded dress is from Ansa and earrings by Tyra Therman.

It was fun to let people try on my hats and tell them about Maria (the founder of the place) and her work.

Some of the guests even danced. I was playing jazz, swing, little bit of electro swing etc.

Cointreau was a smash hit! Just like last time.
And my friend Allu was kind enough to come and make me a "Fiona Timantti" drink!

Here's the Cointrea brochure with our drinks
Yep, my drink :)
For a Fiona Timantti you'll need:

2 cl Cointreau
1 cl Bols Melon
1 cl Rémy Martin Coeur de Cognac
1,5 cl lime juice
1 cl sugar syrup
1/3 vanilla stick (decoration)

Shake and strain into a martini glass and decorate with the vanilla stick.


  1. I forgive you ! No, seriously - I totally understand. How can I complain with myself being the queen of cocooning who's always looking for peace and ease ?
    Oh, I wish I could have joined you on that evening. I would love to see your unique studio ! Can I come and start an internship ?

  2. Haha :D You are welcome to my studio anytime! <3


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