Monday, September 12, 2011

Berlin, a very much needed getaway

 We had a four day holiday in Berlin. I really needed a break from work. We were staying at this wonderful hotel Michelberger. Our room was cosy, breakfast was amazing and the staff super friendly. The picture above is from the reception of the hotel.
I really like sushi. We ordered the "surprise plate".

 Street art

Lots of interesting old stuff at the fleamarket

This cute tiger painting came home with me! It's a copy of the painting "Tiger"(1912) by Franz Marc.

A mermaid with nice hair and a sword.

They were showing all the Chaplin movies in a movie theatre Babylon. We were lucky enough to get tickets to see "The Circus"(1928).
The Theatre is beautiful, the movie was funny and the tickets were not expensive and the audience was thrilled. Only not so nice thing about that evening was one very rude doorman..I went to ask about the location of the toilets and i was very polite, as i always try to be. He said "Upstairs. But you can't come here and ask 'where's the toilets' (he was mocking me, "imitating" my voice) in english. You are in Germany, you have to say it in german!" He thought i was American (for some europeans that seems to be a reason to be rude).
I've studied german in school, so maybe i could have said it in german. I wanted to ask him if i could expect the same from him, when he maybe comes to visit my home country someday. Welcome to Finland, jerk!

Vintage shopping. I got few handbags and hats.

Outside the Neues museum. I finally got to see Nefertiti! I've been to Berlin five times and never had the chance to go see her. It was forbidden to take photos in her room, so no photos...

Prehistoric elk, what a beauty!
Conversations with a baboon (Egyptian god Troth)

My new bathtub ( i wish)

Sakhmet, Neues Museum.

A nice little restaurant with 20s decor.

Street art

Fein und Ripp. A store that sells dead stock clothing. They have stuff for guys as well. 

We visited a pipe maker Nils Thomsens work room. He was a relly funny man.

This is not a pipe.

Frozen Yogurt. Reminds me of New York.


  1. You met Nefertiti, but you didn't let ME know that you were there.....????
    I am really really disappointed. I would have loved to meet you !!!! And I could have told you where you get the best sushi !

    schade schade schade.....

  2. Oh, ihana matka! Ja hienoi kuvii!

  3. Anne: I'm sorry :/ I was about to contact you but i was really at the edge of burn out. I was mostly sleeping in Berlin...

    Aiju: oli ihana matka! Tuli niin tarpeeseen pikku levähdystauko..

  4. Oh my goodness that Elk!!! What I wouldn't give for that to be in my living room! It looks like you had a great time, don't you just love that city! x

  5. Yes, i would love to have that in my livingroom too. I mean..if i had a living room :) (i have a very small flat).
    And oh yes, i love Berlin!

  6. Ihania kuvia... mäkin haluan Berliiniin joskus! Ja lomalle! Ooh.

  7. Tätä postauta lukiessa Berliinin matkakuume vain kasvaa.. Varmaan osaan vinkata hyviä kirppiksiä ja second hand-kauppoja, joissa on syytä poiketa Berliinin reissulla? :)

  8. Tinker: A short holiday is a really good idea! :)

    Anonyymi: juu! Laita mulle sähköpostia vaikka kun oot lähössä reissuun :)


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