Friday, July 8, 2011

Tiia Vanhatapio, new store!

The new Vanhatapio store is now open, located in a beautiful old building called the Kiseleff house (Unioninkatu 27 b), that was originally built in 1772.

The designer and Mr.E

One of the hottest couples in Helsinki!

I was DJ'ing with the 7,5 den Girl and DJ John Wayne

The building is really fabulous! Best part of the store is the basement!

You also might wanna take a look at Vanhatapio online boutique...

P.s. I have so many things i wanna share with you guys (especially my NY pics..especially with you miss VonSofa ;) but i've been super busy making hats and dj'ing! Maybe i'll have more time next week... <3

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  1. okay, I can more week !

    your hat is fantabulous !


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