Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, how i miss New York

Ok, here goes. Some of the pics from my NY trip (what, few months ago? Gee, time flies..). Sorry for the horrible collages, there were just too many pictures to upload one by one. And i still don't have photoshop so i had to use just some online collage maker.
Click the pics to see them bigger.
I'll post photos of my finds later... It took me a while to discover that "flea market" is not the same thing there and here in Finland. But when i did realise that it was" thrift stores" i needed to find, i did find few pretty good ones! Vintage shops were all pretty expencive, but worth visiting.

The first few nights we were staying in Long Island (with few serial killers on the loose, not kidding!) with our friend PJ. Then we were off to Manhattan.
The parties, shops, people, food, museums...WOW. I gotta go back soon.

We also went to see the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition in Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was simlpy amazing. If you have the chance to go, you should!

Pictures from top to bottom, left to right:
Johnnys Burger, 50's diner -- Big Burger! --PJ eating
Montauk lighthouse-- roadside diner -- The Flatirin Building
The view from our hotel room --street art -- An own outside our hotel

Street art -- Juha and the Manhattan skyline -- little blue coffee pot
A huge dog called Ghost -- Juha & hot chocolate -- me & tea
Hicksville (!) sign seen through the train window-- traffic lights -- soft ice

Chinatown -- Central Park -- Sushi
I'm nuts for nuts! -- The can who lives in the hotel -- going to a party with Juha, Pj and Jessica
roasted corn -- smoothie -- our hotel

Art in our hotel -- art in our hotel -- vintage lingerie shop
T-rex in Toys'R'Us Shop -- baby can't you see, i'm calling, the lobby -- open all night
the carousel -- a church -- architecture

Peter, Juha and PJ -- Central Park -- T-rex
a mammoth -- me and a giant elk skeleton -- King Julian!
Bottom row: cool stuff at the Natural History Museum

Shadow puppets from Bali -- puppets from Java --Sakhmet, the goddess of war and violence
Virgin Mary -- a knight on a horse and a lady wearing a pink cardigan -- I Love this statue!
A cool indian shaman woman ---------- the cat

Juha -- more architecture -- cherry pie
New Yorker -- factory wall -- underground
The view from our hotel at night -- me and flowers on the day of the Kentucky Derby -- details

I love New York!


  1. Your hair always looks so perfect, great photos x

  2. I love New York, too. And I love YOUR New York. Great pictures, it was worth waiting for them! What about your purchases ????


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