Monday, July 18, 2011

Charming hats, charming people, charming weather!

We had our second Hurmaava Hattukävely (translates charming hatwalk) few weeks ago and this sunday we are having a picnic! So if you happen to be in helsinki, join us! More info from the Hat Walk facebook page.

Here's some photos..
Here's the whole gang. Participants from 5-years old to a over 70-years old!

For some reason i really like this photo.

The mother of the hat walk, Marja (and Mikko).

Me posing infront of my future home (the most fantastic house in the world. It's gonna be mine! <3 <3 <3 )

And because it happened to be "Helsinki day" there were all kinds of happenings all over the city. Atelieri O.Haapala photo session was one of them:

Hat by me
Vintage dress from a theatre flea market
Shoes repro

Here's part of the gang (click to enlarge)
More Helsinki päivä-Atelieri photos here!

Oh, and we even made it to the cover of HBL :)


  1. I just LOVE that photo of you, you're such a gorgeous lady.

  2. Wonderful photos, you look divine as does the house! x

  3. Thanks girls!
    I'm really in love with that house!

  4. you look perfect, like a baroness ! and that house belongs to you ! can I live in the basement ?

  5. Great look so perfect, like you stepped out of a vintage photo!

  6. Tuo on kyllä ihana tuo raitahattukuva! Tunnelmallisesti tulee jotenkin tää maalaus mieleen:

  7. Frollein, there are three small flats in the basement (the driver, the butler and the housekeeper used to live there when the old gent was still alive..) You can choose! :)

    Baroness, you are too kind :) Thanks!

    Aiju, mulle tuli jotenkin tää mieleen (tai jotenkin Hopper mainen fiilis):
    Rakastan Hopperin töitä! Niiden tunnelma on niin mieletön...


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