Sunday, September 5, 2010

Berlin with Hipstamatic

I'm sorry i've been away for a while... I've been travelling around Finland, Dj'ing, making hats, working in the Iron Sky costume props department and i even went to Berlin (for that Boheme Sauvage party, which was amazing!).
Here's few photos from my trip to Berlin. Oh, how i love that city!
There i was. Photo:Juha Arvid Helminen.


Breakfast and a cup of Earl Gray. Photo: J.A.H.

My dear friend Juha.

My new 1930's hat.

Room 77, Kreuzberg, Berlin.

We also went to this amazing exhibition, Passion Fruits in ME Collectors Room Berlin. Upstairs they had this exhibition of old, beautiful and weird objects. Exquisite objects from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Down stairs was full on interestin works of art. This was one on my favourites: Kehinde Wiley, Equestrian Portrait of King Philip II. (R.I.P MJ)

Owls from the 50's.

Photo: J.A.H.

Cool ride?






  1. Great to see you blogging again. Hope you've been well. ♥

    Looks like you had a fantastic trip! Your outfits (and that 30s felt hat!) are just AMAZING!

  2. I love your impressions of Berlin, those pictures are amazing !

  3. What great pictures! I want to go to Berlin too ... You look fab in your suit!

  4. great pictures!
    the Bohème Sauvage was amazing, wasn't it?!
    I danced all night long :)

  5. What a gorgeous outfit, that first photo is stunning.

  6. Hey girls! It's good to be back! (Now i just have alot catching upto do with your blogs.. :)
    Thanks for the lovely comments!

    Anonymous: i would really like to know who you are and see your blog too! :)

  7. Heippa ihanainen! Annoin sulle tommosen "awardin" mun blogissa jos kiinnostanee :)

  8. Interesting photos! You have seen pretty weird stuff in Berlin. I can't wait to see photos from the Boheme Sauvage, if there is any. And nice to have you back blogging =)


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